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Icemen Announce 2020-21 Season-Ending Roster

JACKSONVILLE, FL – The Jacksonville Icemen announced today their season-ending roster. The list of 20 players is comprised of two goaltenders, seven defensemen and ten forwards. This is the second of a several-step process in which ECHL teams use to reserve the rights to ECHL contracted players for the 2021-22 season.  The following players have been placed on the Icemen's season ending roster:

Goaltenders (2)
Charles Williams
Eamon McAdam

Defensemen (7)
Chase Harrison
Jacob Panetta
Croix Evingson
Jacob Friend
Joel Messner
Jeff Taylor
Jacob Cederholm

Forwards (11)
Abbott Girduckis
Ara Nazarian
Ian McKinnon
Craig Martin
Travis Howe
Nick Saracino
Brendan Warren
Christopher Brown
Derek Lodermeier
Pascal Aquin
Cameron Critchlow

Season-Ending Rosters may include up to 20 players. Season-Ending Rosters cannot include any players who did not sign an ECHL contract in 2020-21.

Each team is entitled to reserve rights to a maximum of eight players from the list of 20 by extending a qualifying offer no later than July 23. Of the eight qualified players, no more than four can be veterans (260 regular season professional hockey games played as of the start of the 2021-22 Season). Players on open qualifying offers cannot be traded. Teams are not required to extend a qualifying offer to players who sign a contract prior to July 23.

The qualifying offer must remain open for acceptance until August 9 at which time the qualifying offer becomes null and void and the team may sign the qualified player to any salary or may elect to take no further action. Teams that extend a valid qualifying offer to a non-veteran player shall retain the rights to that qualified player for one playing season.

A team that extends a valid qualifying offer to a veteran player, or to a goaltender who has played more than 180 regular-season games, will retain the rights to that player until August 9. After August 9, if the veteran player or goaltender is not signed to a contract by the team, the veteran or goaltender shall be deemed a restricted free agent and shall be entitled to seek and secure offers of employment from other ECHL teams. Restricted free agents may not be traded. When a restricted free agent receives a contract offer from a team other than the team with the player’s rights and the restricted free agent wishes to accept the contract offer, the restricted free agent and the offering member must, within 24 hours, notify the ECHL, the team with the player’s rights and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association. The member with the player’s rights shall have seven days after the date it is notified to exercise its right to match the contract offer.

If a restricted free agent is not signed to either an offer sheet or a contract by an ECHL team by August 16, the player shall be deemed an unrestricted free agent. 

The Icemen’s home opener for their 2021-2022 All-Star Season is set for November 6 against the South Carolina Stingrays.   Full and partial season packages that include tickets to the 2022 ECHL All-Star Classic are currently available.  Contact the Icemen office at 904-602-7825, or visit for more information.